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Patio and driveway cleaning services for Hinckley, Nuneaton, Coventry and Leicester



How we make your driveways and stonework look as good as new

The hardest thing about pressure washing a drive or patio is keeping the water where you want it to go. You don’t want to damage nearby plants or spray dirt up your walls, but a pressure washer on its own, especially when used at high pressure, can be difficult to control. We use a heavy duty pressure washer, with a flat surface cleaning system which directs the pressurised water to rotating nozzles within a circular housing. The water is applied from close to the ground and the rotation gives an even finish, whilst containing the water in a fixed area, with no overspray.
The end result is a very clean surface with minimal impact on the surrounding areas.


Our driveway and patio cleaning service

  • After assessing the job and providing a fixed price quote, our first step is to apply a specialist weed-killer which will kill all weeds, including deep-rooted perennials, destroying them down to the root to prevent future re-growth.
  • A week after applying the weed-killer we sweep the area to remove any loose debris, then wash using our flat surface cleaning system, to remove dirt, weeds,algae, grease stains etc. We also make sure that all old / loose sand is removed by following up with a water broom to remove all of the debris. We will leave things clean and tidy and remove all of the rubbish for you.
  • We’ll then revisit (on the first available dry day) to re-sand the joints with kiln dried sand and make everything look as good as new!

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